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It’s starting to get sunny outside again and we’re excited about that!  Not only are we getting a little pale, but we’ve been stuck inside the warehouse working on ton’s of new projects and now we can’t wait to show you!

The first festival of the season is definitely one of our favorites, 2012 Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival!  The festival will take place two consecutive weekends, Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15 and April 21-22.  The festival is full of great: music, dancing, food, and art! Best part, MOST of it is FREE! 

The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place near and around the Japan Center on Post and Buchanan Streets, in San Francisco. Come say WHATTUP to fiftyseven-thirtythree!


via Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — I see them everywhere these days. QR Codes have become a staple the world over, in large advertisements and small handouts in multiple countries. They don’t always make sense, but it’s impossible to deny their ubiquity.

The one place I rarely see them is on street art and murals. The new QR_Stenciler, a Processing-based application developed by F.A.T. Labs, now makes it easy. The downloadable software takes a standard QR code and turns it into a PDF that can then be manipulated and edited for a laser cutter.

Why not just fire up Illustrator and make your own QR codes? F.A.T. Labs pointed to a post by Fred Trotteridentifying part of the issue:

But what is the problem with a QR code stencil? In a word, islands. In order to make a stencil with, say, photo paper (which would otherwise be a great technique), you need a way to address bits that the stencil needs to block, that are not physically connected to the rest of the stencil. Its easier to show than explain.

The QR_Stenciler side steps this with hair-thin cuts that hold the islands in place while allowing you to easily spray paint the entire area.

It’s not clear yet whether QR codes are here to stay, or if they’re a growing trend of that will be replaced one day by near field communications or RFID.  But unlike the latter, QR codes remain very much physical, and therefore a great tool for artists.

We are happy to add two more places that carry fiftyseven-thirtythree in San Francisco!

RAG, 541 Octavia Street, Hayes Valley, San Francisco

RAG  proudly showcases over 120 California designed and manufactured men’s, women’s and children’s clothing/accessories and wall art, prints, notecards and home decor since December 6 2002. Designers and artists display their consigned wares on separate rack/shelf space, and work at this space to test new designs, gain visibility (through hung biography and signage) and build a clientele.

Paragraph, 1234 9th Avenue, Inner Sunset, San Francisco

Paragraph is a clothing and accessories store for men, women and kids with an emphasis on local and independent designers. You will also find a rotating selection of housewares, gifts and artwork and custom made jewelry by resident designer, V-SQRD.

So if you’re in the area, go show some love!

SF based, street artist, D Young V is one bad mofo!  So bad, we NEED people to see his work!  His original print, Nun of War is now available at the fiftyseven-thirtythree Online Store.  Take a closer look here!

The woman’s face presented in this print is based on an image D Young V found completely at random. Although her meaning is somewhat unknown in real life, she has taken on an iconic presence (think Obama, Che Guevara, Martin Luther Jr., Mother Theresa) in the post-apocalyptic narrative created by the art of D Young V.  The “Nun of War” is a mysterious woman, who continues to find her way into his artwork and has been martyrized by many.

This piece is an, 18″x24″, two color hand screen print, signed, limited edition (only 50 printed). Get em’ fresh off the press!

If you don’t know who D Young V is, get familiar.