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Looks like Art & Soul is going to be awesome this year, and we’re a part of it. More exciting announcements to come soon!

And this year East Bay Express helped quarterback the event, partnering up with the city of Oakland to bring additional arts programming from The Crucible, NIMBY, Oakland Underground Film Festival, Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, and a slew of other worthy organizations. Not to mention we booked the eponymous EBX Plaza Stage, which will feature DJ Dyloot, Metal Mother, Saviours, Vetiver, Forrest Day, Persephone’s Bees, long-standing local hip-hop group Souls of Mischief, indie fourtet Churches, and Oceanography.

Then of course, there are the tentpole headliners: Luce and Blame Sally will perform at the KFOG Main Stage on Saturday, while R&B singers Kellye Gray and Lalah Hathaway will dominate Sunday’s lineup, under the auspice of KBLX 102.9 FM. Saturday’s lineup also features a Community Unity Gospel Stage capped by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, followed, on Sunday, by the Bay Area Blues Society showcase. It’s a new spin on the usual format, and we’re certainly thrilled to be part of it.


LOS ANGELES — One of my favorite music videos of all time is Röyksopp’s “Happy Up Here,” featuring a bevy of space invader creatures attacking a real-world city. They glow and pulsate, and while it’s strangely incongruous to see two dimensional creatures doing damage to a three dimensional space, the results are incredibly addictive to watch.


A new post from Design Taxi tipped me off to pop-up card designs by Kate Lilley. These 8-bit cards feature a skull and a space invader and will require a bit of work — colored paper, an X-acto knife and a steady hand are essential. But when you put them together, you’ll get fantastic 8-bit shapes that look a little like the Röyksopp video come to life (albeit on a smaller scale).

What’s cool about these cards is that they’re essentially open source. You can download the templates for free online, which means you can remix them, too, and try your own shapes and creatures or simply mix it up with larger paper and different colors. I could see someone creating an actual space invaders installation designed to look like the original game.

Is it New Aesthetic, or just nostalgia? I remember seeing street artist Invader’s work in different parts of LA, long before the New Aesthetic debate began, and I kept thinking, wow, wouldn’t it be cool if those things came to life?

We had to repost this from our homies at Spoke Art. This stuff is just tooooooo great!

Spoke Art Gallery presents:
Scott Scheidly: “Portraits : a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes”

On view May 17th – May 20th at the ArtPadSF fine art fair

Spoke Art Gallery is proud to announce the debut of Scott Scheidly’s “Portraits : a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes” debuting this weekend at the fine art fair, ArtPadSF in San Francisco, CA.

Since debuting Scheidly’s first portrait in the series last year at ArtPadSF, Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco returns for a second year and an expanded continuation of Scheidly’s shocking, offensive, and utterly hilarious series of portraits.

From Hitler’s pink armband to Chairman Mao’s heart shaped glasses, Scheidly’s work casts some of history’s most notorious characters in a new light rife with suggestion and commentary on masculinity, power, and satire.

Unlike many contemporary artists working today, Scheidly’s work is not just provocative, but also technically well done. The artist’s use of oil on panel is brings to mind any number of Classical portrait painters and if it weren’t for the jarringly hot pink frames in which the paintings themselves reside, one could easily assume the work to be that of a traditional master.

For the debut of “Portraits : a series of “fabulous” depictions of tyrants, dictators and popes” Spoke Art gallery will be presenting three new oil on panel works featuring a Pope, a Chairman and a Soviet Premier.

Additionally, Spoke Art will also be debuting the first in a series of print editions of Scheidly’s work at the fair, starting with a fine art edition of the artist’s previous Hitler painting. This limited edition Hitler print measures 11” x 14”, comes in a custom painted hot pink frame, and is limited to a signed and numbered edition of 20.

If you would like to be placed on our collector’s preview for Scheidly’s “Portrait” paintings and limited edition print, please contact us immediately at

More info on our participation at the SF fine art fairs can be found here.

Detail views and more information available on request.

Hey guys! You’ve probably been seeing a whole lot of content being generated from us regarding something called Loakal so I want to formally introduce what is really going on here.

Loakal is an apparel and design collaboration between East Bay Express and fiftyseven-thirtythree. All design is Oakland-themed, including imagery and typography.  The goal of the project is to promote an inclusive Oakland. This includes well known areas, but also the unexplored Oakland.  Loakal merchandise will be available on  A percentage of the sales will go to an Oakland charitable cause .  Enjoy!

Stay posted on Loakal via Facebook and Twitter.

Eddie Colla has worked on a special print for the team over at 1xRUN, which will be available today at Noon (pst)!  This is a brand new piece titled, Radio Yau Ma Tei, comes in two different versions (Red Lettering, $120, 20 available and 22K GOLD, $200, 3 available!!!) and both are Limited Edition.  The prints are 18″ x 24″ Giclee/Silkscreen on 300lb. Italian Hotpress Acid-Free Paper.

1xRUN is the premier online destination for exclusive one-of-a-kind artwork in any and all forms.  1xRUN is focused on bringing limited-edition time released artwork to collectors across the globe.

Eddie explains the piece, saying :

“This piece is part of an ongoing series around this character (Bike Girl). The text on the piece loosely translated says “I have a name, but it doesn’t matter” The pieces are vignettes of her life and part of a larger story. The story takes place in Hong Kong. I had a rough idea and layout of this image, but I didn’t really want to make a straight giclee for this. I wanted some randomness and some expression in these. The embellishing wasn’t very planned, I’d just sit down with some prints and go at it. It changed from day to day and the prints done at the beginning and at the end feel pretty different.”

The RUN comes signed, numbered, and with a Certificate of Authenticity from Eddie Colla and 1xRUN.


Sniffin Glue 1, by Eddie Colla
7" x 9.5", Mixed Media on Wood Panels

The second set of original pieces, titled “HK”, from Oakland-based Artist, Eddie Colla, will be released on his website, on Wednesday, April 18th, at Noon.  The  three pieces being released are titled: Kowloon Alley, Bike Central, and Sniffin Glue 1.  All pieces are Mixed Media on Wood Panel artwork.  These pieces were featured at Telegraph Art Cafe during February’s installation of Oakland Art Murmur.  The final three works will be released at a later date in April.

It’s starting to get sunny outside again and we’re excited about that!  Not only are we getting a little pale, but we’ve been stuck inside the warehouse working on ton’s of new projects and now we can’t wait to show you!

The first festival of the season is definitely one of our favorites, 2012 Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival!  The festival will take place two consecutive weekends, Saturday and Sunday, April 14-15 and April 21-22.  The festival is full of great: music, dancing, food, and art! Best part, MOST of it is FREE! 

The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place near and around the Japan Center on Post and Buchanan Streets, in San Francisco. Come say WHATTUP to fiftyseven-thirtythree!