The Jeremy Lin Hype.

I’m really loving this Jeremy Lin hype.  Not only is he from the Bay Area, but he’s a really good basketball player.  Critics everywhere have been formulating opinions on whether or not he is worth all of this attention, but I think it’s pointless.  He has the New York Knicks, a team with two of the highest paid players (but inefficient) in the NBA, winning.  They are on a 7 game winning streak.  Any team on a 7 game winning streak deserves to be in the news.  Especially when they turned around their losing ways to merit a playoff spot ranking.

Basketball news aside, Jeremy Lin has turned into a cultural phenomenon.  He is doing what Anna May Wong did for Cinema.  It’s not like we are saying he is as important as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. or Che Guevara.  Or anyone even remotely close to that.  But as an Asian-American, working (and succeeding) in an industry, traditionally dominated by other cultures and races.  He is living proof, individuals should not succumb to preconceived expectations if that is not something they enjoy doing.  Not only, is he the antithesis of a 23 year old, Asian-American male, raised in the Silicon Valley, but also the traditional make up of a successful NBA Basketball Player.  This gives young kids a role model to look up to and makes parents and families think twice about the pressure they put on younger generations to follow the status quo.

Children, this is where hard work gets you.  Parents, let your kids dream a little.

Overall, you should follow Jeremy Lin, because he’s killin’ it with the Knicks, he’s exciting to watch, and he’s the underdog type.  That’s enough for us to stay tuned in.


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