Oakland Local Publisher/Co-founder Susan Mernit: Why we need your support

Our good friends at Oakland Local posted this story on their website the other day.  We are reposting it in hopes that you read and make a little donation.  Oakland Local has been a great source of information since 2009.

Oakland Local is a labor of love and determination.

We started Oakland Local in 2009 because we love this city and believe Oakland deserves high quality reporting and thoughtful discussion. We’re committed to work that helps each of us make better decisions and make our city a better place.

We wanted to create a news and community site that offered sustained, in-depth attention to issues that matter and that published diverse voices.

We were right. You, and thousands of readers like you, have embraced OL’s approach.

But sustaining a labor of love costs money.

As we invest our best efforts in Oakland Local, please join us by investing your donationin this important work. Thanks for being part of our community and working with us to build a better, more equitable Oakland.

Why we need your donations

Oakland Local is a nonprofit organization without large donors or endowments. Our operating budget comes from several sources, including journalism grants, fees for training, advertising and sponsorships. However, for Oakland Local to be be sustainable in the next year, we also need support from generous people like you.

We work hard to avoid waste and keep overhead low. Your donation to Oakland Local is an investment in a diverse, highly-efficient organization that is invested in Oakland.

Please consider making a donation of $5, $20, $50 or whatever you can to support and sustain Oakland Local.

If you want more authentic stories for, by and about Oakland residents, neighborhoods and issues, support us.

Even $5 or $10 will make a real difference.


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