99:1 T-Shirts Now Available!!!

Sup ya’ll.  After many people asking about them, we have finally printed 99:1 t-shirts!  They are now available online for only $12 (includes shipping)!  We aren’t doing it for the money.  Here’s a little explanation on why we chose to print the shirt, and why we chose to charge for the shirt.

99:1 is a collaborative effort between,artist, Eddie Colla, clothing line, fiftyseven-thirtythree, and you.  With your help, we were able to form a street campaign to help those in the 99% speak out against corporate greed through this thought provoking image.  After thousands of sticker requests, we distributed over 10,000 stickers to over 40 states and 13 countries.  All costs were covered out of pocket.  And we were happy to do so! We have finally decided to print a t-shirt with the image.  You (the 99%) were so great at making the image seen, we now want to give you guys something which is a little more permanent.  

We are producing the shirts and making them available at cost. What that means is that shirts we be available for $12, which cover the cost of the shirt, the printing and shipping. We will not be making a profit on this. We will also be giving away a portion of shirts to our local occupy movements. We would strongly encourage people to go and create their own propaganda, in the form of shirts, signs, stickers etc. However, not everyone has the resources or time to do so.  So we are honored to do it for you. We are certain, the Occupy Movement is here to stay.  We are the 99% and we are not going anywhere.

99:1 T-Shirt, $12, at fiftyseven-thirtythree.com


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