Black Friday is the New Election Day

Occupy Black Friday, Plaid Friday, Small Business Saturday, or any other funny shopping day names aside.  Let’s make sure we are understanding the message this year.  SHOP LOCAL.  SHOP AMERICAN MADE.  SUPPORT YOUR COMMUNITIES.

We have been doing a great job exercising our right to free speech and utilizing our tax dollars with the efforts made behind the Occupy Movement!  Also, Bank Transfer Day was a huge success, moving obscene amounts of money away from the banks that don’t deserve them and into Credit Unions.  But we cannot stop there.

Although it’s a sometimes difficult feat, shop local and American made.  By shopping at large stores without any civic responsibility, we are giving money back to those who are far removed from their communities and live in the 1%.  By purchasing items, which are sweatshop made, we are taking jobs away from Americans and other countries who are paying their manufacturers proper and livable wages.

This upcoming weekend is a great time to start.  But lets not make sure we stop there.  Let’s do our research and find out where you can shop to help out, and not hurt our communities.  By voting to shop local, your voice will be heard.

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