Let’s See Them Stickers!

Friends of Eddie Colla, fiftyseven-thirtythree, and ninetyninetoone we have already sent out  6,000 (and counting) ninetyninetoone stickers throughout the world!  Now that you have received them, Let the world see your handiwork!

Post on Facebook.  Tag us in your posts.  Email us the photos.  Send us links to your flickr accounts.  Let’s keep building momentum on this movement you helped build!  For this campaign to work, our voices need to be heard.  This is image is letting others know, we stand in solidarity with each other over corporate greed and the 1% taking advantage of the rest of the country.

With so many posters and stickers being made, production and shipping costs are a reality.  We have shipped 6,000 stickers to 40 states and 13 countries. All donations are greatly appreciated.  100% of the donations will be put back into the ninetytoone campaign.  The donation page can be found here.

Thanks to all those who have helped with the campaign in any way shape or form.



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