LovEvolution Moves to Oakland!

via The Bay Citizen

Dejected partiers who were disappointed by the cancellation of last year’s LovEvolution parade will be happy to hear that the event has found a new home across the water in Oakland. The electronic music festival will take place at the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena in Oakland this year on September 24. In 2003 the massive Germany-based Love Parade festival was denied a permit by the city of the Berlin, and thus they beat a glittery path to San Francisco where the party was reborn in 2004. The annual parade took over the Civic Center area of San Francisco and featured thumping electronic music, large crowds, face paint, glow sticks, floats dripping with barely dressed partiers, and lots and lots and lots of tutus.

To the casual observer, it looked like an amateur ballet company had been dosed with acid and turned loose in the streets.

In 2006 the German organizers were able to take the party back to Berlin, but San Francisco retained its version, renaming it LoveFest, and then renaming it again in 2009 as LovEvolution.

But in 2010, the parade hit a bump, and not the kind you partake of in a porta potty. The city decided that the parade was no longer suited for the downtown area, and organizers were unable to relocate. Unofficial celebrations went down on Ocean Beach with a shuttle depositing revelers in Dolores Park, and there were several tutus, but the celebration was did not begin to approach the scale of past years.

The press release issued Tuesday promises:

A large main stage with cutting edge acts such as The Glitch Mob, Pendulum and Plump DJ’s.A unique large scale shaded grassy area hosted by the internationally renowned Supperclub, with special performances, such as Rob Garza from the Thievery Corporation.17 community produced, unique floats, including huge names in dance music, including Moby and Markus Schulz.

The LovEvoltion website has the full lineup and festival information.

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