Guy on wheelchair taken down by police officers

Whether or not the man in the wheelchair was doing something that warranted an arrest, this is not a lawful action whatsoever.  Law are made to protect, not abuse, the people.

via Huffington Post

Hey everybody, did you hear the news? Two days ago, in DC’s U Street neighborhood, there was an “encounter” between a “wheelchair-bound man” and Metro Transit Police. What kind of “encounter” was it? Did the wheelchair-bound man and the Metro Transit Police trade some recipes, or something? Did they come together to share their feelings with one another? Are Metro Transit Police now providing street-side psychotherapy sessions with DC’s underserved populations?

Nah. Mostly these two cops just hoisted the wheelchair-bound man out of chair, threw him on the ground, and cracked his head open on the sidewalk. There’s video of the whole thing. Also, some terrifically weaselly reporting from the Washington Post, who apparently find the “encounter” too vague an incident to actually describe correctly.

According to statements provided by the police, the unidentified man was spotted by Metro Transit Police with an alcoholic beverage that he was allegedly drinking in public. The transit cops “tried to issue a citation, but [the unidentified man] ‘refused to comply.'” He was then informed that he would be placed under arrest, and is said to have resisted that arrest. The transit police allege that, at some point, the man assaulted a police officer — from his wheelchair.

So, okay, this is all crime blotter stuff. What gets the matter extra special attention from the newspaper is the video of the “encounter.”

You can pretty much see for yourself what happened. Now, maybe send an email to the Post‘s reporter, Martin Well, so you can explain it to him. Because he’s seemingly lost on the basic concepts here.

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  1. Sam said:

    this is absolutely appalling. Whether or not this man was resisting, it is obvious he couldn’t have given them to much trouble, being that he can’t use his legs. Their behavior is deplorable.

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