Story of the Yellownecks Design

David Young V, is the artist behind the Yellownecks t-shirt design.  Aesthetically dope (obviously), but the inner story is kind of a mystery.  We had David give us a little background design/story/inner meaning/yadda yadda yadda::

The premise of the ‘Yellownecks’ according to the narrative of my work is: they are what is left of the ‘old order’ of San Francisco that flourished after the world fell apart. There was a period of time where gangs and warlords had taken of many of the major cities. As a result more organized militias and militant groups had formed in secret and decided to create proxy wars to turn the gangs and warlords against each other. Gang and Warlords numbers decreased rapidly.  Militias then came in and wiped out most of what remained of them. Most survivors (and children of the survivors) of this purge who couldn’t be ‘adopted’ either escaped or were banished from the city. They began to inhabit areas outside of San Francisco (the ruins of the ‘District of Oakland’ and other areas).Side note: Before the ‘decline of civilization’ there was an age of urban expansion where San Francisco annexed Oakland and other surrounding areas, resulting in, what were once surrounding cities and towns into, districts under the jurisdiction of San Francisco.
Yellownecks are an abandoned youth generation that do not fit into the new social order. In turn they maintain a vendetta against this new society that is trying to build itself up. Real life example of this would be: children in Vietnam that were the result of American troops reproducing with or raping Vietnamese women during the war, who were later chastised in that society; Eastern European youth that were forced to live in the street after their parents were killed for being Communists; and more recently gentrification in American cities. Basically they are an (extreme) example of any human related action that forces the displacement of a group of individuals into unwanted area or lifestyle. Particularly at a young age.
The term ‘Yellowneck’ itself is a slang term in this world to describe the physical ramifications of taking a particular drug that boosts confidence, declines fear and worry, but also has a deteriorating affect on an individuals emotional and reasoning capacities. The long term physical effects of this drug are also a yellowing of the skin. A form of this drug is commonly used in this ‘feral’ population causing them to both act and look different from other human beings, hence the term ‘Yellowneck’. In part the inspiration for this idea came from a drug commonly used by Somolian militias to boost confidence during the Battle of Mogadishu (the premise for the film ‘Black Hawk Down’).

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