Lil B is Gay, Verified

via The Fader

At his Coachella performance, Lil B, spirited as usual, announced that, because “words don’t mean shit,” he is going to make a record called I’m Gay. Words, of course, mean lots of things, which B is not unaware of, and he quickly clarified that he loves women, but that gay also means happy. It also means homosexual, which, in rap, is the more prevalent definition (shout to Mister Cee). If he actually does release an album called I’m Gay, B will certainly be stirring the pot, but what might make it sizzle is to actually say that he is gay. Or that he is bisexual. Or that he falls in somewhere on the LBGTQ scale. Barring that, he clearly is a spiritual graduate of the Gay-Straight Student Alliance, whatever side he sits on. Watch the video of B’s announcement above. And, for those of you who know his words are ones to live by, last week Twitter blessedly verified Lil B’s account with their turquoise stamp of approval. Just in case you thought someone else was re-tweeting every @ he gets.

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