Where Did My Government Go?

As we all have been hearing through every media outlet possible, the government might be shutting down, literally!  Depending on the media outlet, you might have created a certain opinion on who is to blame.  I just want to make sure the situation as simple as possible to understand, so everyone understands what’s going on and what is at stake if the government actually shuts down.

Currently, I think my government is arguing about whether or not they should shut down.  Mr. Boehner is angry because he wants to cut $39 Billion in spending , but Mr. Reid and the Democrats only want to cut $37 Billion.  They said they would be willing to cut $38 Billion, but that’s still not enough for Boehner who is insistent $39 Billion is the least we can go in budget cuts.

If this issue is not resolved by midnight tonight, the federal government will be shutdown.  This means federal employees do not work.  I’m not talking about just Congress.  I’m talking about all federal employees.  That number is estimated at 800,000 workers. In addition to these workers, we also have to think about businesses who have some investment in federal related matters.  National Parks closing down will directly affect restaurants and hotels in their vicinity.

Oh well, at least those workers can go out and find other jobs, because those are pretty easy to find nowadays.

To read more about this situation, check out this article in the New York Times.

1 comment
  1. famousjenny said:

    don’t forget that congress, unlike other federal employees, will still get their paychecks during the shut down!

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