Alexandra Wallace, UCLA Student, and her racist rant.

On Friday, March 11, 2011, Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA Student, filmed a 3-minute rant titled “Asians in the Library” and posted it on You Tube.  The video contained offensive commentary on how she claims Asian people act in the library.  Wallace actually touched on the topic of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami, and how they should go outside to talk on the phone if they want to check on their families.  She also goes into how Asian people in her apartment complex bring all of their families they brought with them from Asia on the weekends to cook for them and do their laundry, so there are always Asians running all over the complex.

Ms. Wallace, this was a very insensitive thing for you to do.  But most importantly, you are clearly unintelligent to think you can get away with posting such a racist video on You Tube without any kind of backlash.  It’s sad to know there are still many people out there, especially young, educated people, who still do not understand how to act in diverse communities.  If you are unsatisfied with living in a multicultural and diverse community, maybe you should transfer from UCLA (one of the most diverse schools in America), and leave the state of California (most diverse state)  for a more homogeneous community.  I hope this young woman grows up very soon, because she has a lot more apologizing to do.

Read more about this story on The Huffington Post


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