Scott Walker is the Perfect Example of Why We Need to Exercise Our Right to Vote.

Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) is the perfect example of why we need to vote.  To prevent people like him from being in office.  Wisconsin residents must really have some buyers remorse over this guy.  Walker is the antithesis of the voice of the people and that is certainly reflected by the the union workers occupying the Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin.  Let’s keep the fight alive Wisconsin!

Via Yahoo!

By Rachel Rose Hartman

Two months into his first term, a new poll shows Wisconsin voters are unhappy with GOP Gov. Scott Walker–and would send him packing if they were given a do-over of the 2010 election that sent him to the statehouse in Madison.

Amid the firestorm Walker touched off in going after the state’s public-sector unions, voters indicated to Public Policy Polling (PDF) that Walker would lose a rematch with his Democratic opponent, Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, if the election were held today. Fifty-two percent of respondents said that today they would vote for Barrett and 45 percent said they would vote for Walker. Walker’s job approval/disapproval was also 46 to 52 percent in the poll. PPP is considered to be a Democratic-allied firm

Those numbers are a complete reversal of November’s election. Back then, Walker received 52 percent and Barrett received 46 percent of the vote.

The Wisconsin state capitol has been in disarray since Walker proposed ending collective bargaining for most state workers. Walker’s bill has sparked enormous protests and prompted 14 Democratic state senators to flee the capitol to avoid advancing the measure in the state legislature.

Walker proposed ending collective bargaining as one way to help balance the state’s budget and repair a $3.6 billion budget deficit. The governor and his allies argue that Walker is simply fulfilling his campaign promise to repair the state’s fiscal situation.

Walker says he’s actually working to preserve jobs for state workers. By ending collective bargaining and forcing state workers to contribute 5.8 percent of their salaries toward pensions and doubling their health insurance contribution, his administration would save 1,500 jobs between now and July, Walker says.

But critics say Walker’s simply embarked on a union-busting power grab. President Obama earlier this month said Walker’s proposal “seems like more of an assault on unions.”

Regardless of how his program is playing in the court of public opinion, Walker has shown no signs of backing down. He issued a threat to Senate Democrats yesterday, saying that if the 14 state Senators do not return to the capitol Tuesday to vote on the bill, the state will lose out on $165 million in bond refinancing. Walker is scheduled to make a public address upon the 5 p.m. EST deadline for the lawmakers’ return.


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