Al Davis to Tom Cable: “Great Job, You’re Fired”

Al Davis must love amusement parks because he is taking “Raider Nation” for a ride on the “Coaching Carousel” once again.

After finishing the the season with an 8-8 record, the team’s best since 2002, Al Davis notified Tom Cable, he would not be returning next season as the coach of the Oakland Raiders.  Not only did Cable turn things around from a very dramatic offseason, which involved abuse allegations and the whole JaMarcus Russel episode, but he managed to post a 6-0 record within his own division.  Many Raider players publicly voiced their opposition to this decision, which proves Cable had the player support to make even larger strides next season.

This is clearly going to be a hindering decision if the organization does not hire from within the current coaching staff, more specifically Offensive Coodinator, Hue Jackson.  Jackson has been credited for this years offensive explosion and seems to be an up and coming head coaching candidate throughout the league.  The San Francisco 49’ers have tabbed Jackson as a possible head coaching candidate if Jim Harbaugh decides to stay in college football as the coach of the Stanford football team.  If that scenario occurs, and Jackson is named the new Niners head coach, the Raiders will be in a very bad situation.

But then again, since when did Al Davis actually care about the Raiders.



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