New Proposed Tolls Make San Francisco Even Less Accessible!

We are all aware money doesn’t grown on trees, but apparently it grows on highways, to and from, San Francisco.

The San Francisco Transportation Authority (SFTA) is considering a proposal to create a virtual toll plaza between San Mateo and San Francisco County lines. Vehicles will be charged $3 in both directions during rush hour time periods. This is not too surprising. Nothing screams San Francisco more than the words “virtual” and “toll”.

Representatives of the SFTA claim this proposal has very obvious benefits. It would decrease traffic and commute times by 20% because people will alter their travel methods and commute times. Also, the financial returns will help fund efforts for pedestrian, transit, bicycle, and road improvements in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, commute times do not dictate what time you have to be at work. If you’re late… you’re late. Also, transportation improvements are great, but none have been specified to benefit the South Bay. Sounds like a great plan for people who live and work in the city. As for South Bay Residents, benefits seem far from obvious.

A similar plan was proposed in New York City, but quickly died. Some people would consider NYC the most efficient city in this country. Read between the lines!

To read more about the proposal in the San Jose Mercury, click here:

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  1. garompa said:

    As long as they really improve public transportation, I’m totally for a more toll, virtual or not virtual. But first, add more, better and reliable public transportation, 24 hours.

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