We love that Mayka’s Boyfriend is wearing the Ex-girlfriend Tee

I met Mayka of Maykazine last year at Renegade Craft Fair.  She picked a dress that was too big.  I was trying to tell her she was teeny, and should go down one size.  Ah anyhow the customer is always right right?  So I let her go with the dress I knew she was going to swim in like an infinity pool.  The following week, it’s Christmas week and she drops by the 57-33 Headquarters aka my house to do the exchange.  “What a great person with cool stories about her mom and family,”  I thought to myself after she left.  I was hoping to see Mayka again but wasn’t sure when since it was hibernation season…  Well I didn’t have to wonder for too long.  Mayka shows up at Eddie Colla’s art show a month later.   All throughout 2010, I got the pleasure to work with and see Mayka often. Recently she bought an Ex-Girlfriend tee for Bill and here’s the photo to prove that Bill is cool and Mayka is even cooler encouraging her boyfriend to wear a tee with images of half-naked women.  She’s a keeper Bill!

Okay I only have one left in XL, but when I make more you can get one too.


1 comment
  1. paul Watson said:

    I would like to order the fiftyseven-thirtythree Ex-Girlfriend Tee ASAP, i was told its about $70, I’mm willing to order it as soon as possible , ( I need a medium) I cant seem to find it anywhere else …Can you please shoot me an email ; so I can order this??

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