Show me the way to go home… eh um I mean to SF PRIDE

Confused most Pride’s Celebration?  This past weekend there were markers all over Civic Center showing people they way to the Pride Celebration.  In fact if you are tall and look up a lot there was a plane with a “We’re Queer. We’re Here”  Banner flying over Civic Center.  I was there manning one booth across from Burger King.  Nothing too crazy happened until the end of the celebration when a huge fight broke out across from us at Burger King and cops were flying down the streets and running to the scene of the crime(s).  The other booth was near the women’s stage was manned by Mayhem…okay she’s one tough bitch.  Chased a dude down the street and yanked a stolen 5733 tee out of his hand.  Protect, defend, celebrate.  Okay why do dumb asses think it’s okay to be idiotic at Pride.  I bet you most of these fools who act up are not even gay.

Anyhow Happy Happy 40th Pride from all of us at fiftyseven-thirtythree!

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