Shot in the City of Oakland

Not only do we make all our gear in this fair city, we also do all our photoshoots here. This past weekend we tried to make a dent in photographing some of our new work. I’m not sure how, but somehow we manage to get some really Hot models. This weekend we got to shoot Lorna who is probably our all time favorite. She’s not only pretty, she’s also kinda handsome and thus we coined the new term “prandsome”. We also got to work with Matt, and Livia. Matt and Livia both rock climb and even more ironically have the same birthday!!!! What are the odds of that? (well, if you account for leap year the odds are exactly 364.75 to 1).


Matt and Sid the cat

Lorna being hella rude
Lorna Rude

Sexy is hard work. Livia passed out on the couch.
Livia nap

Stay tuned for the finished product from the shoot!


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