Art Showcase featuring Street Artist Eddie

Yo Everyone,

The street artist “Eddie” is having an Art Showcase next Thursday, July 30th. Complimentary wine and cocktails.

Eddie Colla is one of those artists for whom the simple act of categorization quickly becomes a task of Herculean measure. I’m hesitant to call him a street artist though his art was recently featured in Steve Rotman’s San Francisco Street Art book and I’m reluctant to call him a gallery artist though his fine art was displayed earlier this year in’s Manifest Hope exhibit. Eddie will probably never admit to being a photojournalist, though the New York Times would disagree, and he’s averse to labeling himself a commercial photographer though Rasco, Casual, Dan the Automator, Dj Keoki and the Heiroglyphics crew all have album and magazine covers that say otherwise. I’ve seen Spike Lee wearing his shirts on television (Eddie also owns a successful clothing company) and I pass by his stickers, stencils and wheatpastes anytime I’m in San Francisco. He is, in the end, one of those artists for whom regardless of which aspects of his work you may be familiar with, his raw talent translates on a universal level, whether it’s on the street you live on, in a gallery you’re perusing, on an album cover you once bought, in a newspaper you’ve read or on the t-shirt that you’re wearing.

-Ken Harman

440 Branan front For web

440 Brannan back for web


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