If crime pays, then Oakland is a boom town

Today I stumbled upon http://oakland.crimespotting.org. A website dedicated to mapping criminal activity in Oakland, which at times is much like mapping blades of grass on a lawn. Really I regret looking at it. I was doing a search on Oakland crime because some dude got shot outside the building the other night. Check the map below. No, that’s not a bowl of skittles, each one of those little bite sized candies is some criminal incident. The cherry ones are violent crime, the blueberry ones are vice and the mint ones theft and vandalism. Under it all, if you look hard, is a map of my neighborhood.Oaklnad crime spottingThis map is for the most recent 2 week period. That’s a lot of shit for a 14 day period. People often warn me that this part of Oakland is going to become gentrified at some point soon. Ya ok, good luck runnin your vegan take-out/candle shop over here.


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