So we decided we’d try to re-design our “Rage is not Revolution” Shirt. I always liked the idea, but always thought it needed something visually. Me and Moy Did a second run last week, which means we already sold all the sample run. I like the new version way better. So now I can stop bitchin at Lo that it needs work. I’ll have to find something new to bitch about.


 RNR 3

 RNR 2
At the end of the day Billy from the neighborhood stopped by, so we tested out the new design. With the Camo pants and the pick, Billy looks bad ass. 2 days later Billy came back and told us some dude liked his shirt and gave him a job. Mission accomplished!!! The old design never got anyone a job.


Then of course there’s Chaz…..

RNR Chaz

  1. chazlondon1 said:

    oo its meeee

  2. justinjwilliams said:

    hey how are you? my wife and i bought a couple of your great tees at the ferry building awhile back. i know we chatted about it but i can’t remember do you guys create custom tees with other peoples designs? if not, do you know who does? (don’t tell me cafe press!) love you’re whole catalog on etdy! cheers jjw

    • fiftyseventhirtythree said:

      Shoot me an email fiftyseventhirtythree@gmail.com and I’ll give you some names. We don’t currently do custom work. I’m sure I can find you some good printers though.

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