The Union St. Fair

Ok. So, I was dreading this one for all the obvious reason. My mood was immediately changed by these guys

IMG_8747.jpg picture by brokeassmoviereview

Oh ya. Stop rubbing your eyes. Those are Republicans in SF, and they’re recruiting. I’m not sure why, but just the sight of these oblivious knobs changed my whole attitude. For the rest of the event I was all smiles. There were plenty of cool normal folks there, but I really enjoyed the vast array of fake tits and tans. I had no idea that fake tits came in such an assortment of disproportional shapes and sizes. The Tans though, oh the tans. Every shade from orange to apricot it was like a rainbow of vanity.

 IMG_8762.jpg picture by brokeassmoviereview

IMG_8761.jpg picture by brokeassmoviereview

It was a good day for fiftyseven-thirtythree and it was over when the fat lady sang.

IMG_8757.jpg picture by brokeassmoviereview


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