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Hell Ya! It was that time again this past weekend for San Francisco’s best event. Pride weekend was again straight up awesome despite the California Supreme Court’s recent backwater decision. The sun was shining, everybody was happy, we saw lots of old and new friends. I even ran into a recent acquaintance proudly displaying his ass and balls. Although a bit awkward, how many event’s produce moments like that? 

Additionally Lo and I had the best team to help out. Mai and MJ did a great job of keeping everything organized and together. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and showed some love.





Violet Blue even stopped by to show some love!!! and believe me love from Violet Blue ain’t no dime store love, she wrote a whole book on eating pussy. We got crazy love for her 🙂IMG_9044
Big thanks also to Mookey, Chris, Rod, Janise and anyone I forgot.
See ya next year.


So we decided we’d try to re-design our “Rage is not Revolution” Shirt. I always liked the idea, but always thought it needed something visually. Me and Moy Did a second run last week, which means we already sold all the sample run. I like the new version way better. So now I can stop bitchin at Lo that it needs work. I’ll have to find something new to bitch about.


 RNR 3

 RNR 2
At the end of the day Billy from the neighborhood stopped by, so we tested out the new design. With the Camo pants and the pick, Billy looks bad ass. 2 days later Billy came back and told us some dude liked his shirt and gave him a job. Mission accomplished!!! The old design never got anyone a job.


Then of course there’s Chaz…..

RNR Chaz

This past Sunday, we (May, MJ, and I) spent all day on Haight Street.  It was like de ja vu setting up our booth in the same exact space as we did in 2008 at the 32nd Haight Ashbury street Fair.  The weather was great for a San Francisco summer day.  One of the highlights of the day was when Mookey showed up with a posse and brought yummy little cupcakes.  I met a man wearing the coolest legging with a “FUCK” all over print.  You should’ve seen it. Definitely looking forward to next year’s Haight Street Fair.




























































Beauty abounds. Often in the most unlikely of places. Planets spin, pollution refracts light, moisture gathers…

East Oaklandand for 10 minutes on a Saturday Night there isn’t a more beutiful place on earth than San Leandro st.

On Saturday we did a new shoot to try and update some shit and shoot some new designs. We lucked out and got Cat (fire starter) Oshiro back, which was awesome. We also had a new model, Chaz London, who we met at Carnival and who was a pleasure to shoot.

SteamCat coffee         












Chaz hoodie

Me and CatCat studio







Here’s a few quick peeks at the results


ChazCat 2Chaz 2psdCat 31

This sunday June 14th, 11-5:30 The 32nd Annual Haight Asbury Street Fair. Fiftyseven-thirtythree will be there, so if you make it out stop by and say hi. This is usually a pretty fun event and the weather should be nice. Despite the location, we WILL NOT be selling any tie-dye  stuff. Cheers

HaightFair.jpg picture by brokeassmoviereview